Monday, June 9, 2008

Great Idea!

Hey Mia!

I truly appreciate the picture of you and your cousin reading Highlander books. Excellent choice. Are you bringing anything equally saucy to Afghanistan? I have been back in California for a week now. Given my unemployed state, I am happy that Stacy is encouraging posts about very mundane things. I look forward to telling you about my process of unpacking, how many resumes I send out, and how many hours I spend watching my cats nap. No, seriously, I thought it would be at least July before I started to panic about the job search, but actually the time is right about now. One week was about as much relaxing I needed!

Good luck and have fun! I'm sure I'll see you out here again soon! (And love to all my fellow Sanfordites on this blog :)

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Emily said...

Joanna, you need to share these pictures because they are really cute!