Monday, June 9, 2008

Bon Voyage

Farewell Mia!! 

You are supposed to be leaving tomorrow, however it appears that the world has other plans for you. Visa + Passport are floating around in the US Postal system, British Airways apparently has something against you, you've called umpteen billion people and alas it appears that you will be hanging with us in Upstate NY for a few more days. Guess you busted out your "Kabul or Bust" T-Shirt a little prematurely, huh? Way to count your Afghan Snowfinches before they hatch ;-) Well, in case you are looking for a satisfactory way to pass the time until you are qualified to leave this country, you know what to do... 

(P.S. - have you considered the possibility that your mom swiped your passport out of the mail box?)

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