Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Voting, So To Speak

A direct quote from the North Carolina Voters' Guide:

Mental competence is not a requirement to register and vote in North Carolina.

In case you wondered.
Not quite pithy or cliche, Jen, but a darn good one-liner of the "truth is stranger than fiction" variety. ; )


Stacy Gidley said...

It is also not a requirement to host a baby shower in South Carolina. Exhibit A: one shower invitation for one long-lost cousin, that includes no address of the event, no RSVP information, and no time, but advises me to "Come Hungry."

The unwritten message on that shower invitation was "Send a Gift."

Mia said...

You have absolutely GOT to be kidding me. How does she manage to be so continually transparent, and still shockingly inappropriate all at the same time?

I think you should send some Amish country place mats. White and frilly seems like a good design.

Stacy said...

Now where on earth am I going to get a set of white, frilly Amish placemats...?