Saturday, July 12, 2008

This is how it starts

Listen up, blog readers. Because I am about to answer a LOT of questions about how our darling Mia came to say "America? Eh, I could take it or leave it." ;-) I was massively streamlining my life this week (read: throwing old junk away) when I happened upon Exhibit A: this patriotic picture of Mia, smiling oh-so beautifully next to the Stars and Stripes. Perhaps a tear comes to your eye at the symbolism of it all. And you think "Oh! Mia LOVES America! She's as American as cherry pie on the 4th of July! What a good old-fashioned American girl next door."

And now, friends, I present to you Exhibit B, which I like to call "Rebel Yell." There she is, the epitome of America, proudly waving the CONFEDERATE FLAG. Clearly she has had angst against her homeland for quite some time, do we agree? For years she may have been formulating her plan to flee the American commericialism, politics and materialism left behind in the wake of the War of Northern Aggression.
Folks, I was raised with this woman, I lived with her, and never once did I see evidence of this. Mia, I just don't know what to say...except keep the Confederate thing under wraps over in Kabul, ok? If you come home at Christmas wearing a headscarf made of the Southern Cross, claiming to be the leader of a new extremist group, you and I are going to have words.

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